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The Creative Commons license is going forward as planned. It hasn't happened yet because I am ludicrusly busy, and I need to organize some stuff to make it clear what the license covers (basically, I have to assemble one document that contains all the copyrighted stuff. Or at least that's what I'm doing for the sake of simplicity).

But fear not; it is happening.

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Anyone else doing National Novel Writing Month?

50,000 words in 30 days. I'll be doing it, so if anyone wants to comiserate, you know where to find me.

And it looks like I'll be doing it for a CSU novel, so if anyone wants to hop in on that vein, feel free.

(I owe, I owe... It's) off to work I go...

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Just so everyone knows, you have Two Weeks Left to object to the copyright plan.

Speak before then or forever hold your peace.

And just to clarify one small point: under the new system, while you can ignore other people's cannon, you may not simply rewrite it. For instance, if someone were to write a story about a huge storm that would have wiped out all life on new earth if their character hadn't singlehandedly prevented it, you can say "That's mary-sueish bull, and as far as my cannon is concerned, it never happened." You could not, however, include it in your cannon with the change that it was in fact your character who singlehandedly prevented it. Plagiarism is still plagiarism, and if you need to change a major world event or who was involved with it, you need to have a good reason that negates it being a knockoff.
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I'm sure it's fairly apparant to most of you that the CSU project is in a bit of a coma right now. I may try to resurrect it yet again sometime in the future, but I'm waaaay too busy to take on more work at this point.

I created the Changeling Shared Universe because I wanted a collaborative story world to share with friends, both old and new. I had a lot of fun with it, and I really hope others involved did, too. But the community isn't really functioning anymore. This isn't the end of the universe (in more ways than one)-- things like this happen all the time, and as long as people enjoyed themselves, I've got no regrets.

But something pretty cool evolved out of this project. Something I don't want to see die off, and even if I did, my muses wouldn't let me (they're obnoxious that way). I want to keep writing CSU stuff, and if other people want to do the same, I sincerely hope that they feel more than welcome to do so. I plan to keep this community around in case anyone feels like sharing.

And since the community isn't really communicating anymore, I want to clear up one issue before it's too late to do so: the copyrightCollapse ).

Well that's all I can think of about that. If anyone's got any questions, feel free of course to ask them. If you have an objection, you have until midnight on October 31, 2005 to voice that objection. If I've heard no complaints by then, I will be going ahead with this plan.
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I just remembered this had existed >>; I was really interested and then yeah, somehow I drifted off somewhere random. right in the middle of a narrative too! eek! But I`m back now. XD sorry about that.

Hmm did someone take the squid shaped continent while I was gone, or can I still do something with that? I've had a few ideas floating around in my mind using that place and that weird cult I mentioned before. I'd be able to actually work on that now that my life has simplified a bit. ^^

I`ll discuss in more detail if its still not taken. Glad to be back guys.

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Hey. About an eon ago, delta_monk posted a notice about this community in novelnovelbits and i commented and expressed some interest, saying that i'd join when schoolwork wasn't coming out of my ears. That day has yet to come, but too bad. I joined anyhow.
It was stated somewhere that the CSU had the same religions as out world, but i was curious if any new ones had emerged. Ones that worship (as angelic figures?) or despise(as unnatural and ungodlike?) Changelings, maybe? I'd be interested in developing a new religion, if no one has a problem with that. I've always wanted to write a bible.
I read the 2 memories with the basic background info. is there any thing else major i need to know?
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Hey, everyone.

Website plans are still moving forward (I've lost a bit of my staff to Darth Real Life, and he's been threatening to claim me, too, hence the slow, but slowly slowly it moves forward...). So just to tell you what we're looking to do:

-A lot of people have been talking about being interested in some sort of collaborative writing project-- reactive rp, journal project, etc. So on that front, people can look forward to a section of the boards dedicated entirely to collaborative writing. We'll have moderated reactive rp which will hopefully tie into a journal project, and of course space for people to discuss and work on smaller collaborative writing projects.

-on the atlas: Heaven willing and the creak don't rise, we'll have a Flash animation of a 3D CSU globe so that people get a real feel for how the nations are actually oriented, along with a 2D image map leading to collected fact files.

-Story archives: there will be a place on the board where people can post stories, and as interest increases we may add an archive on the site itself for the very best work to come out of the project.


Sorry for the delay, and I really hope everyone stays with us as we make the grand switch.
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got long enough that I moved it to its own post.

a rules clarification concerning Magi:This is actually entirely unrelated to the above, but I don't feel like giving it its own post. I screwed up in a big way by putting up Christmas Past, and for that, I profoundly apologize. The goal was to give a bit of an insight into the world history, but the execution violated the rules (in which Magi are NPCs and may not be used as main characters in stories). That in turn opened up a door that was better left closed. So to clarify for the sake of fairness: Magi may not be used as main characters in stories, even by moderators who may be running them as NPCs in reactive rp. If you need to use a magus as a side-character (for instance if you have a story about a student at Joyous Garde who needs to talk to Magus Pendragon, or a story during the techno-magi war where your protagonists need to interact with a Magus in some way), that's perfectly allowed. Just talk to me so we can work it out. Stories that have already been put up here in vioation of this rule will not be transferred to the site when it's up. (When the site goes up, there will be a full, in-depth explanation of my thought process and reasons for restricting Magi the way I have, but for now, please just take my word that a lot of thought went into the decision, and it isn't up for debate).

if anyone's wondering what happened to the journal project, modstaff and I haven't been able to find a way to get around the magi-as-player-characters issue to my satisfaction, and so I haven't given it the green light. With the site up, there will be reactive RP, and we will perhaps be able to move from that into a journal project that avoids this problem.
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Hey, guys.

Am finally sliding all the bits and pieces together to get thwe website off the ground. I hope to have it ready to go up in a week or so, at whichpoint I will find it a home and the linkspamming can begin (the forum and the story and article archives have to be php-coded, and will be going up as soon as brotherjenos has the spare time).

What I need at this point is help with some of the content stuff:

Atlas:one of the first rules of describing a place for something like this is to not break the fourth dimension. That is, tell what it is, not how it got that way. If people who have developed countries would be willing to write up a short, atlas-type description to go on the site, that'd be awesome. The CIA World Factbook is a pretty good example of the sort of thing I'm talking about (although you don't need to go into that much detail if you don't want to). I can then link it to your histories, but for the sake of organizing the information, they're going in a different place (probably under articles).

stories: At this point I've got no place to put stories (see above), but try to keep in mind that there will be space soon. I'm sort of taking a page from TFN here: We will have a board on the forum specifically for stories still being worked on, be they longer stories being posted as they're being written or complete works authors want feedback on, help with, betad, etc. The archive on the website will be a place for writers to put their top-quality finished work. We can explore including features like illustrations and cover art in the archive as well.

other stuff:I've got a lot of pre-written stuff where the universe basics are concerned, and some of the stuff-- forum rules, story guidelines, etc-- has to be written up by Maura and I, but there are things I would welcome assistance writing (or re-writing. Some of the articles about the universe are just... bad). So, if you're interested in pitching in on writing some of this stuff, drop me a line and I'll see if I can find something for you to do.

EDIT: got long enough to move to its own post.
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Alright, folks, throwing out a new challenge while forum details are being worked out.

Describe the daily routine of a resident of Cedarhurst, Americlan. What do they do for a living? How do they spend their leisure time? What do they eat? How do they travel? What's their favorite part of the city? Their least favorite?

Time period: let's keep it away from the techno-magi war, for simplicity's sake. Say, NE 90-120?

Stuck for an idea? Cedarhurst is:
-A port city in Southern Americlan.
-The home of Joyous Garde school of magic
-A town with a large fishing industry
-A town full of artisans and craftsman.

For general Americlan info, check the Americlan Factsheet. Feel free to contact me for any more specific questions.

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